Partners with Industry

Our associates average more than 25 years of operations experience in a wide variety of industries, allowing all kinds of companies to draw on our wealth of knowledge and expertise. Solomon EOS has translated that expertise to training success because we understand how companies work in the competitive world, respect your corporate culture and offer a wide range of training options tailored to your specific needs.

Solomon EOS listens to all clients and customizes our approach to the needs of your company. Whether providing project management, Lean Six Sigma training, strategic planning, leadership and team development, or interim management, Solomon EOS remains focused on helping companies achieve operational excellence.

One key strength of Solomon EOS is our ability to train employees effectively while concurrently meeting the demanding needs of operating a business.

For Lean Six Sigma training, Solomon EOS has worked in partnership with The Quality Group to develop a blended e-learning approach for industry. By combining well-designed, online training modules with instruction from an experienced trainer, we have successfully certified many employees in Lean Six Sigma while minimizing disruption in the organization. As a result, employees have gone on to implement significant operational improvements in their companies.

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Solomon EOS has shown us the path to waste elimination and helped us to find new ways to create value for our customers.
Joe Imhoff - Vice President, Boon Edam USA
Solomon EOS Partners Include
Commonwealth Brands
Ferree Trailer
Harland Clark
Honda Aircraft
Klaussner Furniture
LCI Inc.
Magnetti Marelli USA
North Carolina Zoo
Quickie Mop
Pentair Aquatics Systems
Saab Barracuda
Stanley Furniture
Static Control Components