Solomon EOS is a training and consulting company that helps transform organizations using Lean Six Sigma Principles.  
We do this through:

o   Strategic Deployment of the Lean Philosophy.

o   Leadership Development and Change Management.

o   Providing Lean Six Sigma training and Certification via multiple delivery methods.

·      Blended Learning (EBLS)

·      Traditional Live training

·      Consulting & Mentoring


Founded in 2004, Solomon EOS has helped many organizations overcome countless challenges.  Firmly based on honesty, integrity and hard earned knowledge, our experienced associates provide effective solutions for business, education, and industry. We offer a full range of customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Guiding Principles
• Think Long Term
• Focus on Processes – not people or politics
• Be an Enabler
• If you don’t think you can – you won’t
• Work hard, Think hard
• Make it easier to do things right than wrong
• Seek first to understand, then be understood (Covey)
• Prevail through Persistent effort
• Always Fail Forward (Maxwell)

"Using the Wisdom of the Past to Transform the Future."